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Jun 2010

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A Look at Today’s Social Media Marketing Techniques

For many Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs), it is a constant struggle to keep up with the latest online trends and time tested strategies. Social networking websites have become an invaluable tool for many companies wanting to establish credibility as well as promote their products and services in a more subtle way. So how does one go about it?

If you will take a look at the techniques used today, it is easy to see that most companies and marketers have chosen to give out some freebies and discounts to encourage interaction with their consumers. Others use this approach to generate good publicity on the dramatic response they got. Well, it is no really a strategy, but has been a growing trend among marketers nowadays.

While it is not to say that it is not effective, the main problem with such approach is the fact that it is not sustainable. When done repeatedly, it can have a detrimental effect such as devaluing the company’s services and products. Sure, one can enjoy rapid and possibly massive response through this, but for how long? And will this translate to more conversions in the future? If not, then its not really a workable strategy after all.

The point here is not to disregard such approach, but to be more careful on how to go about much promotional scheme. This does not only include what type of promotion you will be launching but also taking into account the target market to such promo.

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