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Jun 2010

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Are You Wasting Time and Money on Your SEO?

Well, are you? Before you read further, let us get one thing straight. This article does not condone or claim for online businesses not to do SEO or search engine optimization or that SEO does not work. Without a doubt, SEO plays a crucial role in any online success. But is your provider doing it right or its just money down the drain? Here are the main areas to focus on to get a more positive effect on your SEO.


Well, naturally, content plays the most important factor in your SEO. Your content should not just be for human visitors but also for search engines who love fresh content. This does not only require regular updating of content but relevancy of these content should be given importance. It is important that your content should be focused on certain topics and not on a wide variety of subjects which can be quite confusing for the search engines as well as visitors.

Use of Keywords

A well written content is important, but it also needs to have strategic keyword placement. Key factors to consider here is the choice of keywords to use, the frequency it is mentioned, and how you can naturally blend these keywords to the rest of your content.


Before you write down the title of your blog post or article, you need to take into account a few considerations. One is to make sure your readers will know exactly what the article is all about. In doing this, you will need to strategically incorporate the keywords on the title.

These are just three of the most critical areas in SEO. There are a few more that would need to be expertly handled by a professional SEO company. PhilWebServices is a industry leader in online marketing and search engine optimization services or SEO. Having catered to hundred of clients across the globe for the past seven years, PhilWebServices has the experience and expertise to help clients build a credible and sustainable online presence. For more details, visit



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