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Nov 2010

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Create a Corporate Web Design that Inspires

When we think of a corporate web design, we usually think of designs using plain styles, which can be translated to boring designs. But nowadays, with a lot of talented web designers and design applications within their reach, simplicity cannot and should not mean boring. At PhilWebServices, a simple corporate web design can be made to inspire potential clients to do business with you.

So, what does it take to create a corporate web design that can help reach one of your business objectives? That is, to catch the attention of your potential clients. All it takes is a team of highly skilled web designers who knows how to show your potential. A team that knows what design can work best for you and your business. Inspiring potential and existing clients to do business with you or continue doing business with you can increase your chances of achieving your corporate financial goals.

In order to attract or retain clients through your website, you need to know what design works well for you. You cannot say that a corporate web design is incorrectly created or not. Because with a lot of similar businesses offering their products and services online, you should focus on making your corporate web design different from the others. So, you need to create a different design. Something that is distinct and eye-catching compared from the others within your target market. And getting the services from highly qualified web designers is one of the wisest choice you make. At PhilWebServices, you are assured that the personnel working on your corporate web design are highly qualified and skilled with what they are doing. But, at a lower costs than their counterparts from other companies.

Meeting your business needs is one of the first things they consider when creating your corporate web design. PhilWebServices personnel have worked with a number of clients who have been and continuous to be satisfied with the services. So, collaborating with PhilWebServices on your design will not only boost your internet presence but,can also save you on costs.

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Jul 2010

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Cool Online Apps to Pimp Your Blog

So you have decided to joined the rest of the living and put up your own blog or maybe you have been operating long enough in the biz, you definitely would not want to be left out on cool new things you can have in your blog. Here is a list of great tools that have proven to be highly useful for bloggers out there. And oh, did I mention that these are all web-based and free?

Tynt Insight – as you have already known, content is king in the online world. You definitely would not want to find out you have been penalized for not having an original content right? With this tool, you can keep track if your content has been copied, and helping you track down content thieves and at the same time help generate link backs, which of course will greatly boost your ranking.

IpadPeek – With the popularity of Ipad, it shouldn’t be a surprise if people prefer to read your blogs through their ipad. With this tool, you can check how your blog site will actually look on an Ipad. – If you have been look enough in the biz, then you know that your resolution may not be the same with that of your visitors. While you web design may look stunning from your end, it can look drab on their end. So the best way to manage that? Use this tool to check how your website look in different resolution.

Now that you have some of the useful gadgets for your blog, you can focus on getting more visitors to regular check your posts. When it comes to web design and development services, whether its for your blog or a full length site, you can consider getting professionals to do it for you. PhilWebServices offers expert web design and development services to help people enhance their web presence without busting the budget.

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Jun 2010

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Are You Wasting Time and Money on Your SEO?

Well, are you? Before you read further, let us get one thing straight. This article does not condone or claim for online businesses not to do SEO or search engine optimization or that SEO does not work. Without a doubt, SEO plays a crucial role in any online success. But is your provider doing it right or its just money down the drain? Here are the main areas to focus on to get a more positive effect on your SEO.


Well, naturally, content plays the most important factor in your SEO. Your content should not just be for human visitors but also for search engines who love fresh content. This does not only require regular updating of content but relevancy of these content should be given importance. It is important that your content should be focused on certain topics and not on a wide variety of subjects which can be quite confusing for the search engines as well as visitors.

Use of Keywords

A well written content is important, but it also needs to have strategic keyword placement. Key factors to consider here is the choice of keywords to use, the frequency it is mentioned, and how you can naturally blend these keywords to the rest of your content.


Before you write down the title of your blog post or article, you need to take into account a few considerations. One is to make sure your readers will know exactly what the article is all about. In doing this, you will need to strategically incorporate the keywords on the title.

These are just three of the most critical areas in SEO. There are a few more that would need to be expertly handled by a professional SEO company. PhilWebServices is a industry leader in online marketing and search engine optimization services or SEO. Having catered to hundred of clients across the globe for the past seven years, PhilWebServices has the experience and expertise to help clients build a credible and sustainable online presence. For more details, visit



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Jun 2010

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PhilWebServices – An Industry Leader in Outsourced IT Services

In view of the global crisis, outsourcing solutions has grown more popular than ever. From small businesses, medium and large conglomerates, outsourcing has become a strategic approach. However, most businessmen share the common misconception that outsourcing Philippines professionals are only for established companies. However, this could not be more false. Truth be known, small businesses can also greatly benefit from outsourcing Philippines.

When it comes to web-based services, it is understandable that keeping an in house programmer, designer or any IT professional can be quite expensive. Whether you are a small firm requiring maintenance of your website, or a web design and development company needing additional staff for influx of work, outsourcing Philippines IT professionals presents a viable solution.

The good thing about hiring and outsourcing Philippines professionals, you can be sure that your staff is equipped with adequate knowledge, proficient skills to take on IT tasks. This way, you need not have to contend with trainings, and research and development.

When it comes to contracting outsourcing Philippines IT services, one of the leading service providers is PhilWebServices. An established IT company that has been in operation for over seven years offering end to end web solutions. As an outsourcing partner, PhilWebServices has catered to hundreds of small and large businesses looking for feasible solutions in cutting off a large portion of their overhead expenses. If you require a full time IT staff, then allow the trained and skilled professionals of PhilWebServices fill in the missing piece of your organization. If you don’t really need a staff to work exclusively for you, then you can opt to purchase time blocks services where you will only be charged based on the number of hours of rendered work.

PhilWebServices continues to be an industry leader in outsourcing Philippines IT services. With established processes, proactive management team, highly proficient IT personnel, PhilWebServices has proven its gleaming record in IT services. In fact, a large percentage of its clients are referred by highly satisfied clients. For more information about PhilWebServices, the company, and its products and services, please visit their website at .

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