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Jun 2010

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How to Effectively Deter Content Theft

As you may have already known, content plays a very critical role in the success of a web site. One cannot stress enough the importance of using original content. As any website owner would claim who have invested in content creation services, content is a treasured possession for any site. In view of the time and effort spent on building an archive of content, you would want your website content to work on your favor, right? But then again, that does not exactly prevent other websites from copying your content, right? Not only does it mean your possession have been stolen from right under your nose, duplicate content can also be detrimental to your website rankings. So here are some practical tips on how to protect your content.


By copyrighting your website, you will be able to prevent content theft. You can go to to have your website registered there. In most cases, early action gives you better leverage in preventing content theft. Usually, website owners are advised to register within the first three months from the website launch.

Website Code Alteration

While this technique will not be able to save from your the mercenary hands of professional thieves and hackers, you have better chances in deterring amateurs. To do this, you will need to remove the spaces in the HTML code of your site, making it difficult from people to read your content. Another effective deterrent is by disabling the right click function through the use of Java Script. This will make it difficult from having people simply right click on your content and copying the content.

While you will not be able to prevent content theft, you can get a professional web design and development company to make necessary steps to prevent this from happening. PhilWebServices is one of the pioneer web design and development company in the Philippines. Having been in operation for almost a decade, PhilWebServices possesses valuable expertise and experience in providing expert insights to protect the best interest of its clients and maximizing the potential of an online presence. For more information about PhilWebServices, please visit their website at

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Jun 2010

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A Look at Today’s Social Media Marketing Techniques

For many Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs), it is a constant struggle to keep up with the latest online trends and time tested strategies. Social networking websites have become an invaluable tool for many companies wanting to establish credibility as well as promote their products and services in a more subtle way. So how does one go about it?

If you will take a look at the techniques used today, it is easy to see that most companies and marketers have chosen to give out some freebies and discounts to encourage interaction with their consumers. Others use this approach to generate good publicity on the dramatic response they got. Well, it is no really a strategy, but has been a growing trend among marketers nowadays.

While it is not to say that it is not effective, the main problem with such approach is the fact that it is not sustainable. When done repeatedly, it can have a detrimental effect such as devaluing the company’s services and products. Sure, one can enjoy rapid and possibly massive response through this, but for how long? And will this translate to more conversions in the future? If not, then its not really a workable strategy after all.

The point here is not to disregard such approach, but to be more careful on how to go about much promotional scheme. This does not only include what type of promotion you will be launching but also taking into account the target market to such promo.

PhilWebServices have been in the online web solutions industry for almost a decade and have gained better insight and deeper understanding on how the online world works. If you require the services of a web solutions expert, whether for a website, or in enhancing your online presence, learn more about their services at

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May 2010

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PhilWebServices Global Solutions Inc. – Proudly Pinoy!

PhilWebServices is a fully Filipino owned company based in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. The company was established in 2003, initially offering web hosting services and later on expanded its service line to include Web Design and Development, SEO, Internet Marketing, and Outsourced IT Services.

Founded by its CEO and President, Mr. Von Rod Limpot, PhilWebServices was a business venture to tap the IT skills of Filipino IT professionals looking for job opportunities and a company that can harness their skills and maximize their potentials.

Today, PhilWebServices is an established international IT solutions provider catering to a number of web design and development companies looking for practical means to cut down on their overhead while maintaining industry standards and work quality.

To cater to the changing needs and work requirements of clients, PhilWebServices offers two separate business models. One is the Dedicated IT Services, where clients can hire a dedicated full-time staff, to work on their projects at a fixed monthly fee. With this setup, the staff works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and allowing the client to directly communicate and coordinate with the staff. However, in line with PhilWebServices commitment of proactive management, it has set up a supervisory team to oversee the performance of each staff as well as provide prompt assistance to clients when necessary. This added service is given free, at no additional cost. PhilWebServices understands the apprehensions of hiring an offshore staff and continually finds ways to create a more seamless collaboration and transparency for clients.

The other business model is the Prepaid IT Services, where one can purchase time block credits. This setup is ideal for companies and businesses that requires ongoing service, but the workload is not enough to hire a full time staff. This is a practical approach since it gives you the freedom to allocate your resources whenever you need it without having to be tied down with long-term contracts.

Not one to rest on its laurels, PhilWebServices continues to finds ways and means to enhance its services and delivering real value for their client’s money. This is the PhilWebServices advantage.

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