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Jul 2010

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Cool Online Apps to Pimp Your Blog

So you have decided to joined the rest of the living and put up your own blog or maybe you have been operating long enough in the biz, you definitely would not want to be left out on cool new things you can have in your blog. Here is a list of great tools that have proven to be highly useful for bloggers out there. And oh, did I mention that these are all web-based and free?

Tynt Insight – as you have already known, content is king in the online world. You definitely would not want to find out you have been penalized for not having an original content right? With this tool, you can keep track if your content has been copied, and helping you track down content thieves and at the same time help generate link backs, which of course will greatly boost your ranking.

IpadPeek – With the popularity of Ipad, it shouldn’t be a surprise if people prefer to read your blogs through their ipad. With this tool, you can check how your blog site will actually look on an Ipad. – If you have been look enough in the biz, then you know that your resolution may not be the same with that of your visitors. While you web design may look stunning from your end, it can look drab on their end. So the best way to manage that? Use this tool to check how your website look in different resolution.

Now that you have some of the useful gadgets for your blog, you can focus on getting more visitors to regular check your posts. When it comes to web design and development services, whether its for your blog or a full length site, you can consider getting professionals to do it for you. PhilWebServices offers expert web design and development services to help people enhance their web presence without busting the budget.

Posted by admin

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