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Mar 2011

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Gearing Up for Web Service Interview Questions

When preparing for job interviews, we always assume that only applicants need to prepare for the expected interview questions to land that coveted job. Only a few can remember to think twice that as interviewers, they also need to prepare their questions in order to get an accurate assessment of whether or not an applicant is a performer. Because hiring the best employees for jobs particularly for a web services position, interviews need to gear up for their Web service Interview questions.

As we all know, the software applications industry is a fast-changing industry. Developers and support personnel in this industry need to always keep up with any improvements and changes in order to continue to make their services or products competitive. To meet with that business challenge, we need to hire professionals who are knowledgeable with Web services technologies. Preparing a series of Web service interview questions allows us to accurately assess an applicant’s technical abilities.

These Web service interview questions should have answers that only the most knowledgeable Web services developer knows. A well-planned list enables interviewers to hire the most qualified applicant for the position. The list should also include questions about certain platforms or applications that Web services professionals should know such as the following:

ASP .net
open source Web Service methods

Although a Web services position is a technical position, it is also advisable to include questions about the applicants’ personalities in order to determine whether they have the right attitude for the job. During the process of hiring prospective employees, attitude should have more weight over skills. A skill can be learned, but an attitude especially that which is already deeply ingrained in a personality is difficult to change. That is why, personality questions are also important in preparing a list of Web services interview questions. Of course, interviewers should never be carried away when checking for the suitability of applicants based on their personality. There must be a balance among the different types of questions, which can only be achieved if as interviewers we have prepared our questions all or that we are very sure on what to look for.

Posted by admin

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