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Jul 2010

Posted by admin

How to Politely Say No to Clients and Still Survive

In the web design and development industry, and for any service-oriented business for that matter, it can be a real challenge dealing with clients. In some cases, you will just have to say no and set boundaries. However, when handled badly, it can potentially ruin your business relations or worse, end up losing an account. So how do you manage this?

When dealing with clients, it is important that you set certain boundaries right from the start through establishing mutual respect and clear communication. Bu then, its all easier dais than done, right? Truth is, every single time you blurt our the word NO, you run a huge risk of losing a client.

All too often, in web design and development, we encounter clients that demand unrealistic deadlines and deliverable. The best way to handle this is to approach this in a more diplomatic manner, not really saying an outright no, but present the client with a more realistic timeline and milestones. With a more detailed plan, it can be easier to present your cases properly backed up with facts and data.

There are also certain cases where the ideas of the client may not be doable or irrelevant. Disregarding their ideas all together would mean an insult on their part, or you have not been listening to what they want done. What you can possibly do is to take into consideration at least one or two of their ideas, incorporate it in your web design and development process, and upon presentation, provide discussion on why you have included and/or dropped some of the ideas. When properly backed up with good and firm communication, your client will be able to see the relevance of your proposals.

Saying No does not mean you need to said it outright. Consider it an art form that you need to master. IN web design and development business, it is crucial that you establish a good business relationship with your clients to be able to establish yourself as a reliable service provider.

Posted by admin

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