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Jun 2010

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Are You an Unsuspecting Web Hosting Hostage?

The web hosting Philippines industry is extremely competitive, with everyone claiming to offer the very best service at the cheapest possible price. While it is true there are many fishes in the sea, it is always a constant scramble of being able to win more customers. In view of the stiff competition, most web hosting Philippines companies offer additional features at no extra charges.

On the surface, it may seem like these features are great, especially if you are getting them for free. From the free shopping carts, autoresponders, to content management systems and private name servers, you name it. This is all well and good but it pays to double check if there is any catch to all these freebies. Some web hosting companies offer these software for free in the hopes that users become more dependent on its use and make it difficult for their clients to transfer or switch to another web host.

This is not really a major concern if you get reliable web hosting service at all times. However, one grim scenario of some web hosting Philippines provider is hosting too many clients at the same time without proper support for such growth. This may translate to delayed response to support requests, network problems cropping up, and other hundred and one reasons. The problem is, if you are using one of the software provided by your web hosting Philippines provider, you may not be able to take the said software with you when you decide to switch host. Added with the fact that you also need to transfer your configuration settings and databases, it may seem like a major hassle to content.

A great way to avoid such problems is to choose to use some third party services when you can. This way it will be easier for you to cut ties and transfer web hosts when absolutely necessary.

PhilWebServices is the leading web hosting Philippines service provider offering world-class service and support. In almost a decade in operation, PhilWebServices has the capabilities, expertise and experience in web solutions to provide reliable services at all times and reasonable rates. Check out PhilWebServices website at

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May 2010

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Practical Guide on Corporate Logo Design

A logo design is basically one of the most important elements of your business identity. Needless to say, it should be given due consideration as it represents your company as well as promote better brand recall. There are essential principles that need to be taken into account when choosing your corporate logo design. Here are some valuable tips that might help you:

Keep it Simple

In general, when choosing or conceptualizing logo design, it is important that it simple be clean, simple and easy to remember. If you will check out the logo designs of large, established companies, it is generally simple, well thought of , and very easy to associate with the company name.

Professional Logo Design Company

Some people opt to save a few dollars by choosing to get their logo design done with just a next door graphic artist with basic design skills. However, if you are really serious on jump-starting your business and establishing your identity, as well as create a great impression, then seriously consider getting professional services of a reliable logo design company.

PhilWebServices is known to offer compelling logo design services. Having been in the web solutions industry for over 7 years, PhilWebServices has the knowledge and expertise in creating effective branding for companies across major industry verticals. Typically when commissioning a logo design, you will be presented three design studies to choose from, all carefully conceptualized by the design team to meet your personal preferences as well as incorporate the principles of effective logo designing techniques. For more information about the services offered by PhilWebServices, visit their website at

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May 2010

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PhilWebServices Global Solutions Inc. – Proudly Pinoy!

PhilWebServices is a fully Filipino owned company based in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. The company was established in 2003, initially offering web hosting services and later on expanded its service line to include Web Design and Development, SEO, Internet Marketing, and Outsourced IT Services.

Founded by its CEO and President, Mr. Von Rod Limpot, PhilWebServices was a business venture to tap the IT skills of Filipino IT professionals looking for job opportunities and a company that can harness their skills and maximize their potentials.

Today, PhilWebServices is an established international IT solutions provider catering to a number of web design and development companies looking for practical means to cut down on their overhead while maintaining industry standards and work quality.

To cater to the changing needs and work requirements of clients, PhilWebServices offers two separate business models. One is the Dedicated IT Services, where clients can hire a dedicated full-time staff, to work on their projects at a fixed monthly fee. With this setup, the staff works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and allowing the client to directly communicate and coordinate with the staff. However, in line with PhilWebServices commitment of proactive management, it has set up a supervisory team to oversee the performance of each staff as well as provide prompt assistance to clients when necessary. This added service is given free, at no additional cost. PhilWebServices understands the apprehensions of hiring an offshore staff and continually finds ways to create a more seamless collaboration and transparency for clients.

The other business model is the Prepaid IT Services, where one can purchase time block credits. This setup is ideal for companies and businesses that requires ongoing service, but the workload is not enough to hire a full time staff. This is a practical approach since it gives you the freedom to allocate your resources whenever you need it without having to be tied down with long-term contracts.

Not one to rest on its laurels, PhilWebServices continues to finds ways and means to enhance its services and delivering real value for their client’s money. This is the PhilWebServices advantage.

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