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May 2010

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Practical Guide on Corporate Logo Design

A logo design is basically one of the most important elements of your business identity. Needless to say, it should be given due consideration as it represents your company as well as promote better brand recall. There are essential principles that need to be taken into account when choosing your corporate logo design. Here are some valuable tips that might help you:

Keep it Simple

In general, when choosing or conceptualizing logo design, it is important that it simple be clean, simple and easy to remember. If you will check out the logo designs of large, established companies, it is generally simple, well thought of , and very easy to associate with the company name.

Professional Logo Design Company

Some people opt to save a few dollars by choosing to get their logo design done with just a next door graphic artist with basic design skills. However, if you are really serious on jump-starting your business and establishing your identity, as well as create a great impression, then seriously consider getting professional services of a reliable logo design company.

PhilWebServices is known to offer compelling logo design services. Having been in the web solutions industry for over 7 years, PhilWebServices has the knowledge and expertise in creating effective branding for companies across major industry verticals. Typically when commissioning a logo design, you will be presented three design studies to choose from, all carefully conceptualized by the design team to meet your personal preferences as well as incorporate the principles of effective logo designing techniques. For more information about the services offered by PhilWebServices, visit their website at

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